Mottez, French manufacturer of industrial products. Specialist in transformation and industrial production.


#1947 is the year MOTTEZ was born! Family business located in Erquinghem-Lys in the north of France, near Lille !

Storage hook, protection foam, exit mirror, cleaning mat, garage lock, security bar, parking barrier, door window, bicycle rack, ski rack, tool rack.... And many other products will help you to tidy, organize and protect your indoor !

These French products create jobs that boost the purchasing power of everyone and thus the French economy in general. Moreover, imports generate a significant carbon footprint, and very often the manufacture of imported products does not take into account the constraints of respect for the environment that the French administration imposes on French manufacturers.

Since 1947, specialist in tube working, we design, draw, test and manufacture our future products!

New release every months ! We innovate to always bring you useful and quality products! Our goal is to sell from the manufacturer to the distributor.

Is the number of people who are at your service in order to always serve you better!

Strict waste sorting, eco-grazing, late mowing and beehives... We are proud to have implemented them in our factory to preserve our planet!


Our presence in the world: we export nearly 40% of our turnover.


Our green approach

Being located in Erquinghem-Lys, 15 km from Lille, in the heart of Europe, allows us to deliver our products using as little energy as possible, and therefore as little CO2 as possible.

Indeed, we are about 200 km from Paris, London, Amsterdam, Brussels and Cologne.

90% of our products are made of steel, the most recyclable material in the world because it is easily recovered.

98% of the scrap metal is recovered in France.

All our products are eco-designed by our design office, minimizing the scrap of steel tubes as much as possible.

Our products are often assembled in a playful way, without tools.

We sort and recover all our waste: steel, paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, waste water to valorize them as much as possible.

We also attach great importance to biodiversity, which is why we practice late mowing on all our green spaces, which encourages the development of refuge areas for animals and pollinating insects.

We are proud to have put them in place in our factory to preserve our planet.the factory has 6 hives and we have set up an eco-pasture thanks to our two highlander cows and our two alpacas.

Intelligent, well-thought-out product of very good quality!
And in addition to the French product
Yours sincerely

on 09/01/2020 - Claude, Bike rack A028P2

Good morning, sir,
Very good product ! The holes for the anti-theft cable should be chamfered for ease of passage (the plastic sheath hangs on).

on 30/12/2019 - Jean Charles B, Bike rack A009P2ANTI

Good morning, sir,

I have received your package today and thank you for your follow up. Congratulations on the efficiency of your service and the quality of the business relationship. It's so rare nowadays that this deserves to be mentioned.

Best regards.

Emmanuel L. On 27/08/2019,

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